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Financial Planning
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Financial planning is the cornerstone of the financial advice industry. With accurate planning and taking all the clients’ information and needs into account, the client will have a holistic picture of their financial situation in all life changing events.
Life Assurance
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Through access to the most comprehensive and innovative products we can provide our clients with financial peace of mind by ensuring that they have the required cover in event of death, disability, or critical illness.
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With proper planning and risk profiling we advise our clients on a variety of investments to suit their needs for investing in different asset classes.
Retirement Products
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One of the most important aspects of providing for retirement is starting at a young age. With a long term to retirement, a client will in most instances be able to sustain their required income in retirement. We have access to retirement products that can unlock additional value to give our clients peace of mind that they can retire with financial soundness.

Estate Planning and Wills
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We assist our clients with proper estate planning and professional advice in the drawing up of their wills. This will result in peace of mind that our clients’ loved ones will be taken care of.
Medical Aid
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With the ever-escalating hospital and medical expenses it is of the utmost importance to have comprehensive medical cover so that there will be no surprises in event of accident or health conditions that will require hospitalisation. We will assist clients to make informed decisions on selecting the option best suited to their needs.
Short Term Insurance
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We have contracts with various short term insurance companies for all your personal and commercial needs ranging from household contents, building insurance, motor vehicles, all risk, business, and heavy commercial vehicles.

Contact us to make sure your assets are protected when an insured event happens.
Group Schemes
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If you have a business and want to provide risk and retirement benefits for your employees, we can assist with expert advice and products with the proper solutions that is tailor-made for your company.
Legalization and Overstay Appeals
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